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Amity Environmental Inc. offers asbestos testing and abatement, mold testing and removal, and other related services in Calgary and the surrounding area.

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We provide asbestos testing and abatement for your home or business, contact us today and a specialist can help you.

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Learn more about mold inspections, surveys, testing and mold removal from your home or business, contact us today and a specialist can help you.

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Asbestos Removal Calgary

Asbestos is a very common material that was used extensively in construction materials for many decades. Legislation was introduced in 1978 to ban Asbestos from building materials however many homes built prior to 1990 contain some asbestos in various materials, the older the home is, the higher the chance of asbestos containing materials could be present. Check out for detailed information about asbestos.

At Amity Environmental we are committed to asbestos removal Calgary as well as inspecting, surveying, and testing these very dangerous materials from your home, call or email today and a specialist can help you.

Asbestos Removal in the Winter

With the summer over and the cold weather beginning to keep people indoors, you may be thinking about starting to do some renovations. Before you begin, you may want to consult an asbestos expert to make sure you know what exactly you’ll be deal with. This is because in many older homes, asbestos was used

The Importance of Airing Out your Home

If you’re familiar with our blog, you’ve probably heard us talk a lot about needing good ventilation in your home. Ventilation serves many purposes. It prevents water vapour from condensing on surfaces, it exchanges humid indoor air with dryer outdoor air, and can even help prevent allergies and illness. In the summer, people often leave

Why You Need Properly Sealed Windows

When it comes to mould prevention, there are a few things we constantly find ourselves repeating. Ventilation and keeping your house aired out with low humidity is of course very important, and that combined with insulation is probably the most important things to monitor and improve your home against mould growth. One of the worst

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